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about Our Team

Team Hydra started off with just two guys, wanting to make some awesome things for the communities they were a part of. After starting to work with each other with many of their own personal passion projects, Team Hydra was formed to keep all of them under one roof.

Team Hydra has grown to be an amazing community with leaders ranging from some of the best moderation backgrounds to developers of bots reaching tens of millions of users.

Being around a dozen strong, Team Hydra strives in making the world and the communities involved with us, better places to be.


What We do.

Everything that we do is something we take pride in, and we make sure to have lots of fun doing it, so that we deliver a quality product, or service, to the users that trust us, each and every day.
Web Design

Have a project you need a website for? Look no further, we can help you out. Regardless of the complexity!

Asset Design

If you need some specific assets made for your project, look no further. We have you covered and will design to your exact specification.

Backend Infrastructure

Complicated Backend Infrastructure? We can handle it for you so you can take care of what's important to you.

Discord Bots

We make some of the biggest Discord bots out there, and will happily make one to your specifications!

Do you like what you see? Have you used our products and services before? Or do you just want to learn a bit more of what we do?


Our team.

Some of the many wonderful people who make Team Hydra happen, and continue to be one of the strongest communities out there, bringing just a little bit more greatness to the world.


Founder & Lead Developer

Hazed SPaCEx

Founder Of Zira & Former Developer


Live Operations Manager


Community Manager


Active & Current Projects


Total Users




Days Of Free Premium Given


Our Projects.

Here's just a small glimpse into some of the things we do.


Zira is a reaction role bot that has been our bread and butter over the past year. Zira enables amazing functionality for your server and allows users to select their own roles rather than making staff do all the work. Zira is now used by over 19,000,000 users.



HepBoat was originally a clone of B1nzy’s Rowboat, but with over 2500 commits since the original fork, the only similarities anymore are the actual configs themselves. HepBoat is a bot meant for larger servers with advanced moderation needs and granular bot control and configuration.


Hydra Modmail

Hydra is a Modmail bot that provides granular configuration for all of your different needs, and it provides an easy interface for users and moderators a like. With features like canned responses and web logs, Hydra stands out from the rest. If you’re looking for Modmail, you’re looking for Hydra.


Zira Music

Zira Music is the answer to the question, what is the best way to enjoy music with your friends on Discord? It has reliable connections to Discord to provide you with the best audio quality, and provides an overall polished interface. If you want a hassle free music experience on your Discord server, look no further than Zira Music.


Premium Options.

While most of our services are free, servers do cost us quite a bit. We do offer some extra features for people who do want to support us, and you can do that below.
Zira Premium


Per Month

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Roles of ANY type
  • Able to set a specific suggestion channel
  • Set Specific Channels Where Approved, Denied, Potential ETC suggestions go
  • Direct Message ability when someones suggestion is updated.
  • Presence Roles - Autogrant roles based on user game / presence status.
  • Direct Message users when they are given roles, or they are taken away.
Hydra Modmail Instance


Per Month

  • Your Own Modmail Instance Customized By You
  • As Many Receiving Servers as you want
  • Whitelisting built in so that no one can invite your instance
  • Highly customizable with just a few commands after setup
  • Non Shared bot user, this bot is just for you.
  • Shared Blacklisting so that blacklisted users one instance are notified on other instances.
  • No Limits On Usage (Outside of abusing the bot)
HepBoat Premium


Per Month

  • Premium listing inside your server info command
  • Premium Server hosting the premium instance, seperate from the public hosted server, to avoid slowness during prime time.
  • Evolving User Badge as you pay month to month, that evolves faster the more you give.
  • Supporter Badge Publicly seen across your !info command
  • Bypass Server Based Rate Limiting so that you can use heavy commands more often on bigger servers.


Some kind words about us from our wonderful community. (We might have to create a page dedicated to some of the things you guys say! <3)

I have been using Team Hydra Services for over 2 years & their services are nothing short of spectacular. I was one of the first guilds to invite Zira back upon relaunch in early 2019 & I am now one of the largest guilds using their products! Team Hydra is full of extremely passionate and supportive individuals, specializing in a plethora of fields. Their network and customer service exceed all my expectations and they are proper representation for the bot developing community.


YouTube Personality & Long Time Zira User


Why Trust Us?

We are here for you every step of the way. The passion our team shares is something that is unrivalled from our competitors, and our extensive knowledge ranges across plenty of different fields and projects.

We’ve been growing ever since we’ve been established, in both user base, client base, and our team itself!

End User Control

When we make anything for users, we make sure that the user can control and edit it at the end of the day, empowering our users.


Projects are reviewed and re-viewed over and over before being shipped or launched. We have more than one person experienced in anything our team creates, so that anything can be reviewed.

Built In Statistics

We monitor and analyze all statistics from the projects we make and create for others, with nothing recorded that you wouldn’t want to be, we make sure you can monitor the success of your project.


We make sure that your project is shipped on time and released when we say it will be. And if for any reason there may be a delay, we make sure to let you know as soon as physically possible.

Badass Support Team

Our wonderful support team is one of the things we like to boast about. With some of the friendliest people who know, we will make sure all of your needs are met and will continue to be met in the timeline you share a relationship with us!

Want To Get In Touch?


Our Blog / Updates

We post large updates and useful text pieces here that you can take a look at.
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Rawgoat to HepBoat Information
Rawgoat to HepBoat Differences: As you may be aware, there are some differences between Rawgoat and HepBoat that may confuse users when they start using HepBoat. This document is designed to help the Rawgoat…
Update Regarding Rawgoat & Rawgoat EOL
In July 2019, we found that Rawgoat had been more unstable (than usual) which was a known issue for quite some time. After troubleshooting and taking a look into the goat’s state, it was…

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