HepBoat is one of the most powerful moderation bots in the Discord community. It is a multipurpose bot that can be used for many things. It can be configured extremely granularly to provide the finest control of filtering, punishing, censoring, and more. It is also capable of providing a large amount of moderation tools for guilds with advanced moderation needs, on top of utilities and fun commands that can be completely enabled and disabled both easily and quickly, as well as disabled and enabled at a fine level if you don't need everything the bot offers.

HepBoat is currently whitelist only, for servers that truly need it, or are large enough to warrant it, or lastly, it can be purchased on the HepBoat Store.

If you want to find out if HepBoat is for you, be it regular HepBoat, HepBoat Prime, or even beta, you can check out the docs by clicking the button below.

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