Rawgoat to HepBoat Information

Rawgoat to HepBoat Differences: As you may be aware, there are some differences between Rawgoat and HepBoat that may confuse users when they start using HepBoat. This document is designed to help the Rawgoat user(s) to adjust to HepBoat along with learning of how HepBoat works. Note that this is a current version of HepBoat, and a different version will come in once we have HepBoat rewrite released. If you… Read More »Rawgoat to HepBoat Information

Update Regarding Rawgoat & Rawgoat EOL

In July 2019, we found that Rawgoat had been more unstable (than usual) which was a known issue for quite some time. After troubleshooting and taking a look into the goat’s state, it was decided that we would eventually retire Rawgoat and migrate all existing users to HepBoat. However the bot still kept on ticking for those that either didn’t want to switch, or couldn’t switch right away. After we… Read More »Update Regarding Rawgoat & Rawgoat EOL