Hydra Application

Hey! So you’ve made it through the big reading part, or you’re already a Hydra veteran!

Or you made it to this page accidentally, if so, please give this page a read before you go ahead with the application!

Below is the application to apply for Hydra, please remember that if you choose to pay for a Hydra instance, you are obviously guaranteed one and we will reach out once we verify everything and have a free moment to get it set up! 🙂

Such as JakeyPrime#0001

You can get your user ID by following this guide here.

Please only include the top most staff role, or highest position you hold that would hold relevance here.

Please give us your current online count / total member count. Not following this format can automatically reject your application This will be verified.

Why do you think your server needs a modmail bot, how many staff do you have? Answers to questions like this will help us understand if you need a modmail bot. The more detail the better.

If you have, please provide details on which one. We don't disqualify you for your answer here, we simply want to know how much help we would need to provide to get you started, or if maybe even a migration of all your old mail are available for import.

Please provide a yes or no, and if not, provide a reason. We no longer provide Hydra instances for boosters so that is not a valid reason for saying no.

Do you want to send your modmail threads to a seperate staff server, or the same server that the modmail will be offered in? If you run a larger guild we highly recommend using a separate server.