HepBoat Whitelist Request

This page will assist you in your path to apply to have HepBoat in your server.

Please make sure you’ve read a bit of the documentation first to make sure that this bot is for you, as it has a pretty high learning curve, but is very, very powerful once you get your head around it.

Fill out the form below to get yourself on HepBoats whitelist.

You will receive an email when we’ve reviewed your request, regardless of the result. You can keep track of your requests for HepBoat and anything else related to our team with https://hep.gg/requests

If you don’t get a reply right away, please don’t bother our staff team. We make sure to keep all applications and sift through them time to time. Just because you don’t get a reply within a day doesn’t mean you can bother us about it, we will get to you eventually, use the link above to keep track of the status of your requests.
Rudely bothering our staff team about it will only get your application denied in the future, and possibly blacklisted from our support system for further applications, so let’s not do that!

Be absolutely sure you are in our support server at https://discord.gg/zira before, during, and after your application. Your presence is also required if you get whitelisted for HepBoat, if the point of contact for your server is NOT present in our support server you risk losing access to the bot.

You can get your user ID by following this guide here.

Such as JakeyPrime#0001

You can get your server ID by following this guide here.

Please only include the top most staff role, or highest position you hold that would hold relevance here.

Tell us where you heard about the bot, this may impact your chances on getting approved.

Please give us your current online count / total member count. Not following this format can automatically reject your application This will be verified.