Hep.GG Vouch / Application

Hi there, thanks for your interest in Hep.GG. Before continuing PLEASE NOTE: If you do not currently know someone using Hep.GG that would be willing to vouch for you, please do not fill out this form, it will be denied.

You must be actively friends with someone who currently uses Hep.gg, as we will contact the person listed to see if they know you and can vouch for your access. In plain terms they will be somewhat responsible for your access to the service, so any current user should not vouch for people they do not know.

Another thing to note: please make sure you are in our support server, and stay in our support server once you have Hep.GG access, in the future (or even now) your access will be suspended if you leave.

If all of that is understood and you’re ready to go, go ahead and fill out the form below! We’ll get back to you asap!

You can get your user ID by following this guide here.

Such as JakeyPrime#0001

Please provide the username#1234 of the user who wants to vouch for you

Not putting a good enough reason into the reason field is a sure fire way to not get approved for Hep.gg, regardless on who vouched for you.