Rawgoat to HepBoat Information

Rawgoat to HepBoat Differences:

As you may be aware, there are some differences between Rawgoat and HepBoat that may confuse users when they start using HepBoat.

This document is designed to help the Rawgoat user(s) to adjust to HepBoat along with learning of how HepBoat works. Note that this is a current version of HepBoat, and a different version will come in once we have HepBoat rewrite released.

If you have any questions, or are confused about how HepBoat work. Feel free to ask in #hepboat-users and a staff member will answer when they are able to.


Do note that the left side of the table is from Rawgoat and the right side is from HepBoat.

!reason 1234 Tristan is a meanie!inf reason 1234 Tristan is a meanie
!warn 298618155281154058 [DM] why not!warn 298618155281154058 why not (If you have notify on true)
!warn 298618155281154058 [DM] why not!dmwarn 298618155281154058 why not (if you have notify on false)
!warn 298618155281154058 bedtime!qwarn 298618155281154058 bedtime! (if you have notify on true)
!warn 298618155281154058 bedtime!warn 298618155281154058 bedtime! (if you have notify on false)
!warn 298618155281154058 [ADM] y u no sleep!awarn 298618155281154058 y u no sleep
!warn 298618155281154058 [NOTE] Joke !note add 298618155281154058 Joke

Note that it also applies to mute, bans, kicks, and other infraction related against a user. You can see this page regarding the notifying upon infraction action. 

In order to locate notes, you can simply launch !note search and it will appear the same way like infractions.

Rawgoat did not have this command.!cleanban 654787525503746063 spamming Fortnite ads
!mmute 654787525503746063 529753775657844756 -r “being a bad boy”
– !munmute 372466760848244736 84912325282254848 -r “Rawgoat bit them.”
!hardmute 128181551472050176 Bullying Jakey

Hardmute is when you mute someone, and the bot removes all of their roles except for the assigned muted role. This is just an example of a few commands that Rawgoat did not have that HepBoat does, if you would like to see more – I would recommend looking over all of the plugins that HepBoat has to offer.

It would also be a good idea to arrange a meeting with your moderators to ensure that they are aware that some of the commands and behavior that they may be used to may be different.

I also want to point out that dm_replies_channel while it may be a feature for Rawgoat, it is not in HepBoat so you may want to comment that out in your configuration.

Finally, Rawgoat had an option of where you could warn someone in French such as !warn <user> [FR] oui!. This is not available in HepBoat in default, but you can change it in your dashboard configuration. You can head on over to this example here to see how you can design the direct-message to the user in your native language.

I do genuinely hope that this is clear to help all Rawgoat users to adapt to HepBoat more smoother. As always, we are here if you are still confused about anything regarding HepBoat.

Best Regards,

JakeyPrime, Ghoul, Bunnerz, and the rest of HepBoat Developer Team.


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