Update Regarding Rawgoat & Rawgoat EOL

In July 2019, we found that Rawgoat had been more unstable (than usual) which was a known issue for quite some time. After troubleshooting and taking a look into the goat’s state, it was decided that we would eventually retire Rawgoat and migrate all existing users to HepBoat. However the bot still kept on ticking for those that either didn’t want to switch, or couldn’t switch right away.

After we migrated a few servers from Rawgoat to HepBoat in the beginning, we had to pause the migration when HepBoat became unstable due to the growth pains of over half a million users within a few hours or so, which we’ve tried to resolve the issues over the past few months, so we could continue the migration. It was then decided that all large guilds migrating from Rawgoat would have to wait until HepBoat rewrite was complete to ensure stability.

Unfortunately, Rawgoat continues to face many issues to the point that it struggled to stay online and it was difficult for Jakey (whom is the only global administrator for Rawgoat) to make time to ensure that Rawgoat would stay stable as much as possible. The restarts became more and more frequent, even as soon as every 4 hours. We continued to migrate Rawgoat servers to HepBoat as Jakey made more database performance fixes, and the rest of the team worked on code optimization. Unfortunately, within the past month or so, Rawgoat has gone offline for the final time due to the database refusing to boot up properly, and when it does it’s incredibly slow. Rawgoat was home to around 95GB of data near the end of its life. So we made a final decision to go ahead and retire Rawgoat early as we were going to do that eventually anyways, the data has been backed up in the event that we merge the database with the HepBoat rewrite in the future so that infractions are not lost, and we have exports of infractions for each old Rawgoat server in the event they are needed, however, we do have verification steps to make this happen.

If you’re interested in using HepBoat, we can get the bot running on your server if you’d like to fill out our whitelist form and import all of your old infractions from Rawgoat. Just make sure when filling out the form to state that you’re a previous Rawgoat server. You can find out more about specific details about your data below.

What does this means for our infractions and configuration for our servers?

Fear not! We have gone ahead and created a backup of all infractions and server configurations as we understand of how important infractions are in terms of server moderation. We will be keeping these information as we prepare the Rawgoat users to migrate to HepBoat, in order to have a more stable bot.

So if you are migrating to HepBoat, and you want your infractions imported. Shoot JakeyPrime#0001 a message regarding the infractions, and be sure to let him know if you would like your server configuration as well, or you can just put this information in your HepBoat whitelist request if you don’t already use the bot.

For those curious, the entire database from Rawgoat has been recovered, but is not currently running, I still plan on doing work to recover it and get it running, for those that do want more data than what we exported in the final days of the bot.

What does this mean for the future of moderation using Rawgoat?

We are aware that some of the Rawgoat users have migrated to other bots since the beginning of some of the most noticeable instability. However, all Rawgoat Server Owners and Administrators are eligible to apply for HepBoat whitelist as long that they have not violated any Terms of Services and still meet our requirements. Do note that there are a possibility that the larger guilds will be put on hold until HepBoat rewrite is complete to ensure as much stability as possible, however we just took on a 110,000 member server with minimal hit to performance, however we may stagger the setup of some of the larger servers, due to the reasoning above.

We will allow #rawgoat-users to be open for any questions regarding Rawgoat’s retirement. Once some time has passed, we will lock the channel so no one will be able to talk but will allow read access as we understand that some users may still be on a holiday break. Our goal is to ensure that the majority (if not all) Rawgoat users are aware of the happenings of Rawgoat.

You will see Rawgoat to come online to alert everyone, and have a status to inform users to read this blog post. Please keep in mind that the instance of Rawgoat will not be your usual moderation bot, and we’d recommend using HepBoat or another moderation bot if your server heavily relies on Rawgoat for moderation.

If I moved to HepBoat, is there any differences that I need to be aware of?

The answer would be yes, as HepBoat does have a few differences in terms of how the bot performs. Some features such as the DM relaying and translated moderation action comments will not be available for HepBoat (Note, translated mod action comments can be customized. Just see the document for more details.)

To see the differences between the two bots and to learn how HepBoat works. Head on over to the url below to see a well detailed list of the differences, and what you can do to adjust accordingly. Do note that we are still in process of rewriting HepBoat, so there is a possibility that you will see new features in HepBoat in the future. We will share details once we are further in the rewrite, but we are excited about it!

The URL for the post to see the differences can be found here

If you have any questions regarding the Rawgoat being retired. Please feel free to contact us on our support server – https://discord.gg/zira. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible!

Best Regards,

Ghoul, JakeyPrime and the Team Hydra Staff Team.


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