[Zira 3.0] The Start of Something Amazing

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the time is now (or soon, maybe for some reason, you’re early) Zira’s update is finally here, the big launch of what we are calling Zira 3.0 (there may have been a previous 3.0 but nevermind that), and we are so excited you are here for the ride. Let’s get started!

Zira has been completely rewritten from the ground up and made into a closed-source project. Our open source code still exists on Github, but none of the code on said repo powers the new bot whatsoever. We highly suggest using the new version of the public bot to manage roles in your server, as the old code isn’t very good, take it from us.

With the new version of the bot, the new codebase and database system will allow Zira to be faster than ever before, and allow for us to run the bot more efficiently, and have much better tools to keep uptime our main priority, as well as offering more verbose and clear errors, and precise troubleshooting.

At first, with the launch of the new bot, nothing will actually feel a whole lot different, as we haven’t added many of the major features that have been on our plate for a little while.

Well, then what’s different?!

Well, a lot actually, the whole bot, as written above, has been completely re-coded from the ground up. From all the existing commands to enhancements to existing features, and commands you know and love. We will cover some of the changes below, and in future updates cover all of the new features we are adding with each release.

Zira has come a long way, from a simple bot doing Twitch integrations, to a full team of people on top of 2 developers and an amazing community. Obviously, we couldn’t have done it without every single person reading this, even you.

Without getting too sappy, let’s continue and talk about just some of the MANY changes coming to the bot, the rest are up to you to discover!

  • Above all else, this rewrite was completely focused on performance and speed. Because of how fast we grew upon opening the project again, we’ve been just barely keeping our head above water in optimizing and maintaining code to scale to our incredible community. With a new database system and all new fresh code, you should see very large performance improvements!
  • Possibly the biggest feature here, is that you can now mix and match almost any reactions onto the same reaction role itself, and with how many options you have, we can’t even begin to list the things you can do, but it probably knocks about 1/4th of the possibilities that people wanted from our suggestion feed!
  • Stat Tracking – With the launch of the new bot, we will start keeping track of how many roles have been given, how many roles you have, counts of each type of role, etc, these are just a few of the stats we will track, and display in the dashboard when it comes out, but the stats will start counting as soon as the new bot goes live.
  • Embed creator is now live! For those who have keen eyes, you may have seen that we added a advanced embed command for you to make your own embeds if you’re familiar with them. We obviously realize that this was not for everyone, and it was never meant to be, so with the new version of the bot, an all new embed creator is around. Try it out with z/embed!
  • Edit Command – This one is pretty obvious, and has technically always been a feature, at least for a while. But the amount of times we see people delete their message and resend, and recreate all of their roles, or create one message for each reaction hurts our soul. Make it easy and just edit the message, and add more reactions!
  • Bug fixes – This should be obvious, lots of bug fixing has been done, and error messages are more specific and verbose when you encounter issues or put in the wrong command.
  • Laying the groundwork – With this massive update to the bot, this has laid the groundwork for many more things coming down the pipeline, such as polling, giveaways, DASHBOARD HYPE, and so, so much more.
  • And so, so much more. Discover it for yourself!

I don’t think we can really put into words how much the support we’ve been given means to us, it’s still so surreal to just be surfing Reddit and seeing people recommending our bot, or showing up in new friends Discord servers and seeing Zira already there. It seems like only yesterday we only had 100 guilds. When Zira was shut down, we considered it one of the biggest bots out there with 15,000 guilds, because at the time, it was up there, but now only 5 months after reviving the project, we are 36,000 guilds strong, over 6,000,000 members, process around 100-150 events a second, and we couldn’t do any of that, without you. So.

Thank you.

From the Team Hydra Devs, our amazing support team, and the rest of us at Team Hydra. We sincerely appreciate you.

PS. We have a special announcement coming up for premium members and members that have supported us in bigger ways. Stay tuned on this site, or our announcements channel for that!